ICT in the eyes of Lawrentians

With a mission of excellence as "to reach greater heights in the career of young minds, through the wide knowledge of ICT" the Lawrentian ICT club stands at the peak of success, growing with??a strength nurtured from the knowledge of Information Technology provided at a very small age of 10years.

Living in a world of globalization what we communicate today reflects every sphere of the human activity, thus leading us to a need to be updated and well aware of the current situations. The immense support the equipment you sit before, formally known as the computer provides, is much more than what is visible to the naked eye. From education to entertainment and development, ICT has turned out to be one which has a great impact on our lives and one which has improved the living standards of today’s society with major break troughs in various areas.

With the objective of creating an information society or rather a society which makes the best possible use of ICT tools and expands the human capacity, ICT has been the basis for human existence from a time which is immemorial and this in return has driven man to continuously seek ways to improve the processing of information and communicating such information to one another, irrespective of distance on a daily basis. At the heart of ICT lie two main branches of technology commonly known as computing and telecommunication and today ICT however has turned out to be bedrock for the survival and development of nations at large due to this very reason.

The opportunities that ICT offers to humankind is immense and the development of such nations at large rest not only on the advancements of Information Technology, but also upon the hands which handle it. Therefore as rational human beings, above all as students it’s more of a responsibility than obligation to use ICT to make the world a better place.